Core Values

The Drop core values establish our company culture, brand identity and mission. These values define who we are and how we operate for the sake of our employees, customers and business. Our success is measured by a balance of Culture, Community, Sustainability and Success. (aka Double C, Double S)


Culture is what we’re all about at The Drop. Our name is about that inexplicable feeling and commitment when you find a line and drop in. The Drop is about not just living life one ride to the next, but making your entire life one constant adventure. We’re riders, athletes, adventurers, activists, artist, creatives, thinkers and doers. We believe in a company culture that embodies these things. We believe in a creative and inviting space that enables us to provide the best products and designs for all the like-minded rippers. If you’re going to ride it, rip it!


Our backyard has some of the most premier riding North America has to offer and also an incredible community of mountain bikers that share our passion. Community is a core value for us because we’re more than a mountain bike brand and we believe in staying active in our local mountain biking community. We started The Drop not for money, but to be able to ride as much as possible and look good while doing it. This is where we live, work and play and it’s a primary goal to give back and cultivate that community at all possible times.


We believe in protecting our environment, at all cost. Our wild places and spaces are where we spend most of our time. Whether it’s our internal sustainable efforts, our charitable contributions or donated time we will protect our environment over our bottom line.  


The Drop MTB doesn’t make company profit or our bottom line our primary mission. Life is far more valuable and complex than dollars and cents. However, we’re a business dependent on financial success. We just classify success differently than most.  Success is more than profit margin to us. It means staying true to our values and morals. Success allows us to continue doing what we love: building a brand centered around the mountain bike community, the love of cycling and the beautiful places we explore. We believe it’s far more important to give back then to give to ourselves. We’re just a bunch of riders who like to work on everything mountain biking.