What are the best mountain bike shorts to wear when cycling?

What are the best mountain bike shorts to wear when cycling?

There are a ton of different styles of mountain bike shorts to consider and endless comparisons that can be made.

Here are the top five considerations for choosing the best mountain bike shorts to wear when cycling.

  1. Size and fit. Do you like a Baggy or tight fit? Baggie fitting mountain bike shorts often tend to hang below the knee and oftentimes have a side thigh pocket. A more athletic cut mountain bike short is typically true to a normal waist size, a little tighter through the butt and thigh and stops short of the knee. It is also important to consider a size that will allow for a comfort fit around your cycling bib or padded cycling pad.
  2. Stretch and ventilation. Most mountain bikers prefer their cycling shorts to have some stretch and good ventilation.  You definitely don't want to feel like you're wearing sweatpants or a trash bag while cycling. A rear mesh ventilation helps improve the overall ventilation of the mountain bike shorts.
  3. Pockets. A lot of cycling shorts have the side thigh pocket but this can become an obstacle while pedaling your bicycle especially if you put something in the pocket. In fact, I tend to use the cycling short pockets before and after the ride but not while cycling. This is why I prefer a normal front pocket and a rear pocket on my cycling shorts.  
  4. Button, Snaps and Velcro.  Waistline buttons and snaps need to be solid, well sewn and not come loose or undone while riding. Velcro on the waistline adjustments and typically on leg or thigh pockets also need to be of high quality and well sewn in order for the cycling shorts not to fray over time and from machine washing.
  5. An Interior Padded liner sewn into the cycling shorts?  I have found that most of the cheaper or lower quality cycling shorts come with an option of having the interior padded liner sewn into the cycling shorts. I would not recommend this option because over time the padded liner can deteriorate from washing, begin to bunch up in uncomfortable spots and make it hard to have continual use of the cycling shorts. For this reason, we prefer cycling shorts that do not have an interior padded liner sewn into the cycling shorts.
  6. Water repellent and moisture wicking material will help improve a sweaty or rainy ride. 
  7. Price. Some mountain biking brands are charging ridiculous prices for MTB shorts. We're committed to providing quality cycling shorts built around performance at a price all riders can afford.

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