What is the best mountain bike jersey to wear when cycling?

Best MTB Jersey to wear Cycling

What is the best mountain bike jersey to wear when cycling?

There are many factors to consider and almost endless cycling jersey comparisons that can be made.

But, in our opinion, you should have some priorities when making your decision on which mountain bike jersey or any jersey to wear when you're cycling.

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Here are our top five things to consider when purchasing or deciding which is the best mountain bike jersey to wear while cycling.

  1. Don't go out looking a fool...the style and design of the jersey matters!  I see far too many mountain bikers and gravel bike riders showing up with their flamboyant colored road kits. I guess some people wake up in the morning wanting to put on crazy colored, tight, and weird looking outfits but that's not our preferred style of MTB biking jerseys. We like a subtle but yet attractive and casual design built and designed for performance.
  2. The material in your MTB jersey is directly tied to its overall performance. A polyester blend with easy stretch and good ventilation is the best for moisture wicking and quick drying so that you remain comfortable while cycling.  
  3. The cycling jersey features and pockets can also help set a jersey apart (this may be the cause of why so many people show up to mountain bike trails wearing flamboyant road kits). Spring, Summer and Fall riding lends itself to a jersey that does not have pockets across the back of the cycling jersey because you are oftentimes carrying a backpack for hydration. So a lightweight cycling jersey with a side stash pocket sure is convenient for mountain bike riding.  Winter riding or long sleeve mountain bike jerseys often have two or three pockets across the back of the jersey for storage (mostly for cycling nutrition products)
  4. Toughness and durability of the jersey is also a major factor in determining the best MTB jersey. I'm sure none of you have ever gone OTB but if it were to ever happen you would want your jersey to be tough enough not to rip and to protect from scrapes and tears. 
  5. We mentioned the design and style of the jersey earlier. There are really two separate factors.  The style of jersey is the look of the jersey that we already discussed.  The other aspect is the functional design of the jersey. One functional design of the mountain bike jersey you should consider is a lower rear Jersey tail so that your jersey will stay below any hydration pack and protect from mud and water going up your back while you are cycling. Most MTB riders don't like having to constantly pull down the back or tail of their cycling jersey

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